Hackley Campus - Worst nursing staff ever


I have gone to the Hackley campus on two occasions..one was in the maternity ward and the other was In the ER.in the maternity ward the nurse who was assigned to my room got mad because I wouldn't let her put an IV in me..I wanted to have my baby all natural, and asked for no drugs, epideral, and I wanted the placenta to be delivered on it's own without a shot..she went storming out of the room to "check with the doctor".

when she came back after the doctor told her it was ok..she was still upset. I don't think I've ever had my blood pressure taken for such a long time..and after my son was born, she surprised me with a shot in the leg to make the placenta deliver sooner..didn't even bother to let me know she was going to do that, otherwise I would have told her NO. The second experience there was in the ER...and I had the pleasure of dealing with yet another rude, unprofessional nurse. My husband was actually the patient there..but she was so rude to him and wouldn't listen to anything that I was telling her..that I finally demanded to speak to her supervisor, who replaced her with a different nurse.

I will NEVER go to this hospital again.

people shouldn't work in hospitals if they can't be hospitable..maybe Mercy General Health Partners-Hackley Campus should require that their nurses take a few hospitality classes.

Review about: Medical Treatment.

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